The retail learning event that inspires action

OCTOBER 24, 2019


How has retail changed in the past year?

Convenience and removing friction from consumers' lives continue to be a key driver for the shopping experience, brand and product offerings, and marketers as well. CUE4 will take a look at the major changes to retail in 2019 resulting from the intersection of commerce, technology, human needs, and social media.

What do we need to know?

New store formats, technology advances impacting the shopping experience, and cultural events dominate the daily headlines. The CUE4 team will deliver relevant insights and actionable advice that change the way you look at your business.

2019: Betting on the Experience Economy

The experience economy is redefining retail environments. One of the most common design myths retailers buy into these days is the idea that experiential retail means more screens, robots, iPads or really any technology at all. CUE4's theme in 2019 is taking a look at the retail experience and learning about the need to be seamless, purposeful, and designing for the human element. 

what is the CUE4 retail [un]conference?

CUE4 takes all things we don't like about the big conferences and summits. The participants decide the topics and you won't find swag from sponsors or sales pitches disguised as keynote speeches. We focus on what's happening in the retail industry by bringing you thought-provoking topics and conversations in an environment that brings the store alive.

A day of learning, vision, and insights for the evolving retail world in a intimate setting with useful topics you can start applying immediately as you head into Q4.

Join us at Third Haus - a new space where retailers, brands, and technology companies come together to shape the future of retail.

Infusing Retail Into Experiences

A look at who is doing it right.





Third Haus
4420 Drew Ave S
Minneapolis, MN
Thursday, October 24, 2019
8:30AM - 4:00PM
Breakfast refreshments & lunch will be provided!


"Thought-provoking discussions and presentations. It prompted discussion within our table and with co-workers extending the conversation beyond CUE4."

"The content was relevant, inspiring, and thought providing. Everything you’d want from a conference"

"CUE4 helps keep me up to date on retail so I don’t get overwhelmed by the news."

"What was most valuable to me was learning from highly invested entrepreneurs helping companies and retailers go to market."


CUE4 the retail [un]conference is created and designed by The Late Majority